Contemporary debates in philosophy of science

Speaker: Anna Alexandrova (Cambridge)

Title: What do Scientists of Well-Being Know?

Abstract: Scientists are experts in their field. There is a now a science of well-being. Does that mean there are now experts on well-being? If so, what exactly do these experts know? I tackle these questions in two parts. First I consider whether these experts’s knowledge is of facts or of values? I argue that, if they know anything, they know value-laden facts. Secondly, I consider whether this science provides knowledge about well-being of  individuals or of social kinds, and suggest that the  latter is more plausible.  These two conclusions imply important constraints on the expertise of well-being scientists and point to two ways in which lay persons with their own knowledge about well-being can be justified in disagreeing with the experts.


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Dr Alistair Isaac

Philosophy of science research group

Feb 16 2017 -

Contemporary debates in philosophy of science

16 Feb 2017: What do Scientists of Well-Being Know?

Room 2.13, Old Infirmary Building (Geography), 1 Drummond Street, Edinburgh, EH8 9XP