10th Edinburgh Graduate Epistemology Conference

This year, we are delighted to host Michael Hannon (The University of Nottingham) and Steph Rennick (University of Glasgow) as the keynote speakers.

The two-day conference will consist of four talks by graduate students and one keynote speaker per day. Graduate speakers have 30 minutes to present their paper. Every graduate speaker will be appointed a respondent from Edinburgh or a neighbouring university. This response plus Q&A will be a further 30 minutes.


  • Michael Hannon (The University of Nottingham) - Keynote
    • Are Smarter Voters Better Voters?
  • Steph Rennick (University of Glasgow) - Keynote
    • The Intention Problem (A Rational Constraint on Eating Stars)

Michael Hannon

Steph Rennick

Graduate Talks

  • Cecily Whiteley (London School of Economics and Political Science)
    • Knowledge First as a Naturalistic Epistemology
  • Matt Hewson (University of Oxford)
    • Accurate Updating: Some Hard Truths
  • Elise Woodard (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor)
    • The Ignorance Norm and Paradoxical Assertions
  • Moya Mapps (Yale University)
    • Believing Women
  • Ross Patrizio (University of Glasgow)
    • The Generality Problem and the C-Typing Solution
  • Michael Bruckner (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
    • Friendship, Forensics, and Favoritism
  • Alice Huang (University of Toronto)
    • Normative Sensitivism


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Further information

This conference is generously sponsored by the Analysis Trust, the Scots Philosophical Association, The Aristotelain Society and the University of Edinburgh.

Organising Committee


Anyone interested in attending should contact the conference organizer, Lilith Newton:

Lilith Newton


10th Edinburgh Graduate Epistemology Conference

The 10th Edinburgh graduate epistemology conference is free and everyone is welcome

Hybrid conference with online attendance