Deadlines, word counts, weightings and progression to Honours

How this course is assessed

This course will be examined on the basis of two pieces of assessed work:

Mid-term coursework essay

The essay counts for 25% of the overall assessment mark.

End of semester examination

The exam counts for 75% of the overall assessment mark.

Coursework essay

The coursework essay is a single 1500 word essay answering a question from an agreed list of questions.

The coursework essay is due Wednesday 7th November 2018 by 12pm (mid-day).

You should upload your essay electronically to Learn. Further instructions will be given on Learn. Please contact the Course Secretary in the Teaching Office if you are having problems uploading your essay.

Word count

The word count of your essay, including footnotes but excluding bibliography, must not exceed the specified word limit. The precise word count must be written on the coversheet. Overlong essays will be penalised according to the following rule: 1% of the maximum obtainable mark will be deducted for every 100 words, or part thereof, over the word limit. So, exceeding the word limit by 1-100 words incurs a deduction of 1%; exceeding by 101-200 words incurs a deduction of 2%; and so on.

Degree examination

The degree examination is a two-hour examination given under exam conditions at a date, time and place to be announced later in the term.

Detailed information concerning essay titles, readings, submission procedures and the Degree Examination will be available on Learn.


For those failing or missing the exam, a resit examination is held in May. It is the student's responsibility to check the resit timetable on the Student Administration website, find the time and location of the resit exam and ensure they are present for that resit. No formal registration is necessary and students will not be individually notified of the resit date and location of resit exams.

Student Administration

Mark schemes

Common Marking Scheme

Grade-related marking guidelines for Philosophy

Visiting undergraduates

The assessment arrangements for visiting undergraduates are the same as for all other students.

Progression to Honours

Progression to Philosophy Honours requires:

  • an average of 50% across both the mandatory Philosophy courses standardly taken in the second year, Mind, Matter and Language (MML) and Knowledge and Reality (K&R) achieved at the first sitting
  • a minimum of 40% in each course (MML and K&R) achieved at the first sitting.