Six-month reviews

In Philosophy, the progress of first-year PhD students is initially monitored by means of a 6-month progress review.


Philosophy 6-month review form

Your primary supervisor will set a 6-month review meeting. This will be attended by your supervisory team. They will all read the documentation that you have submitted and give you feedback on it.


Please note: these questions have been created to help running the above review and to make it as productive as possible for students and their supervisors in identifying goals and difficulties.

The questions do not replace the official online forms that students and supervisors are required to fill out, but to complement them.

Questions for the PhD student

What work have you done in the first six months of the PhD?

What are your goals over the next six months leading up to the first-year review?

What steps are you taking to achieve these goals?

Have you experienced any problem or difficulty so far? Do you envisage any in the following six months?

What kind of support / skills training may you require that is not already covered under the current provision?

Questions for the supervisors

Is the student’s progression satisfactory? If not, in what ways does it fall short of satisfactory?

Is there evidence of good quality research so far? In what form—please specify (e.g. chapter drafts, articles, bibliographic research, other)?

Do you have any specific recommendations for the student in preparation for the first year review?

Do you envisage any need to supplement the current training provision in preparation for the first year review?


Any queries about our progress review system, or about academic placement, should be directed to the Philosophy Postgraduate Advisor, Dr Elinor Mason

Dr Elinor Mason