School training and development fund

Accessing funding made available by Research Councils

The School receives funding each year from the Institute for Academic Development to support activities relating to skills training and career development support for PG students. 

This funding is available for specific projects/activities/events initiated by research students and staff for the benefit of groups of postgraduate researchers at a School, research unit or research group level. The aim is to allow researchers themselves to have a greater input into the ways they are supported and developed and to complement the training and development opportunities provided at a College or University level (e.g. through the Institute for Academic Development, the Researcher Development Programme and Careers Service). We hope this initiative will encourage applicants to think more creatively and proactively about ways in which this fund might facilitate and enhance their generic skills development.

Proposals will be judged by the School Postgraduate Director. As a fixed level of funding is available, we cannot guarantee the success of all applications.

Guidelines for applications

Applications are invited from students and staff in PPLS for funding to support short-term, well-defined training and development projects. The following guidelines for applications are provided:

  • There must be a clear training and development focus to the activity proposed.
  • The proposed activity must be of direct benefit to students in the School and address local needs where appropriate.
  • The funding could be used to run training courses, workshops or events; it could also be used to improve communication amongst researchers within Schools/Graduate Schools/Research Units thereby boosting morale/motivation. We encourage the development of innovative, creative and non-standard approaches to skills development.
  • An application form should be completed for each request for money from the fund (see below).
  • Applications from students should be approved and signed off by their supervisor.
  • The funding request should be endorsed by the Postgraduate Advisor for the relevant subject area before being submitted to the School Postgraduate Office.


If you wish to seek advice on your draft application, please contact the Postgraduate Director in your subject area:

Applications involving students from other Schools

If your application involves students from Schools other than PPLS, this fund will not be able to support your application.

However, there is a University-wide version of this fund provided by the Institute for Academic Development.

Funding provided by the Institute for Academic Development


Links to application notes and forms available below:

If you require a PDF document in an alternative format, such as large print or a coloured background, please email or contact the Postgraduate Office.


Applications can be submitted to the Postgraduate Office at any time.

What happens next

  • Applicants will be contacted via email regarding the outcome of their application.
  • Successful applicants will be required to submit a short evaluation report on the training initiative once completed. It should be no longer than one page of A4 and should include the date(s) the activity took place, the number of participants, a summary of the feedback gathered and any recommendations for future activities.
  • Unsuccessful applications may be re-submitted.

Examples of the types of activity which might be funded

  • Development of Seminar(s)/Conference programmes - involving presentations by research students themselves, invitation of guest speakers, poster presentations, etc.
  • Round table talks between research students and professionals/experts in their field
  • Interdisciplinary networking event for research students
  • Establishing a local regular networking forum for research students
  • Development of specific local provision for research students, e.g. additional Induction events for new research students in the School, provision of web-based training and development information
  • A training course, workshop or e-learning resource designed to meet an identified need.