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Iona Fielding, UK (2nd year Philosophy student)
Iona Fielding, MA Philosophy, Class of 2020

Iona Fielding, UK (MA Philosophy, Class of 2020)

What do you find most rewarding about your programme?

The fact that I am rarely short of conversation starters! Other students learn WHAT to think- I’ve been taught HOW. This means that I am becoming equipped with some of the most valuable transferable skills possible. I’ve developed the ability to expose a flawed argument, to articulate a difficult concept in an accessible way, to understand deeply people’s points of view without accepting them.

What is your favourite course so far and why?

The Greats: From Plato to Kant. It gave a good introduction to four Great philosophers, and allowed us to explore our favourites in great depth. The exam layout ensured that we knew enough about each of the four people covered, but could elaborate on our favourites.

The team-lecturer delivering was also appreciated, as it allowed for us to be taught by real specialists in each area, each one bringing their own unique contribution.

What do you like most about studying at Edinburgh?

The city never fails to make me smile. It’s full of surprises and nothing gets old. The University itself is full of opportunities, and I’m never short of finding things to get involved in. The experiences I’ve had have been formative and unforgettable.

How is your degree in Philosophy equipping you for your future career?

Many people underestimate the skill sets acquired by philosophy students. So many doors are open - business, IT, marketing, law, politics, programming, start-ups.... anything that involves problem solving, you can do! The School also send regular emails and put on events for career options beyond our degrees.

What advice would you give someone considering the Philosophy programme at Edinburgh?

If you are harbouring any doubts about taking philosophy, dispel them immediately and apply. Contrary to popular belief, it is one of the most useful degrees you can come away with. In this day and age, being different will give you the edge. It will give you the confidence to approach unknown situations, as you can apply your philosophy skillset to nearly everything you do. It’s a genuinely interesting course- it’s not a means to an end, but something you can become unconditionally passionate about.

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