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On Time to Talk Day, make space to have conversations about mental health

Our Student Adviser, Colin Arthur, helps create a supportive community in PPLS and shares his own experiences of making time to talk

What is Time to Talk Day?

Time to Talk Day takes place each February. The day is all about creating supportive communities by having conversations with family, friends, or colleagues about mental health. We can all take care of our mental health and support others, by talking about it.

Why is it important?

One in four of us will experience a mental health problem in any given year. The Time to Talk campaign aims to help everyone feel comfortable talking about mental health – whenever they like. Talking about mental health reduces stigma, helping to create supportive communities where we can talk openly about mental health and feel empowered to seek help when we need it.

Spotlight on mental health activism in our community

Colin Arthur photo

You may recognise Colin Arthur, one of our friendly PPLS Student Advisors. Colin makes space in his day for conversations about mental health and provides support for others via a local men’s mental health and cold water dipping group based in Portobello, called Edinburgh Blue Balls.

The group aims to build a strong, supportive and inclusive community where men can talk freely about anything and everything. Making Blue Balls not only a social group, but also a listening service.

…being in a safe space with so many folk who I know aren’t judging me is such a wonderful feeling.

Colin Arthur

Find out more about Edinburgh Blue Balls

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