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The 2017 Joint Session in Philosophy

The largest gathering of philosophers in the country is underway at the University

The 91st Joint Session of the Aristotelian Society and the Mind Association started today at the School of Philosophy, Psychology & Language Sciences.

The three-day conference in philosophy is held every summer and this year the local organiser was our philosophy lecturer Aidan McGlynn.

The Aristotelian Society

The Mind Association

Aidan McGlynn

Rich history of philosophy study

First held in 1910,  the Joint Session has taken place at nearly every major university in the UK and Ireland.

It attracts a broad range of important philosophers from all parts of the world.

The symposium format of the conference provides a rare opportunity to witness live and engaging debates between leading philosophers. 

Conference programme

You may also be interested in viewing the full conference programme.

Watch out for our philosophy lecturer Debbie Roberts in Symposium V.

The 2017 Joint Session - Aristotelian Society

Debbie Roberts


In ancient Greece, the symposium was a lively discussion that took place after a dinner party or a celebratory meal.