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University’s Student Awards celebrate achievements of PPLS students

Students from the School of Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences have secured four nominations across three categories at the Student Awards 2022.

UPDATE: The Psychology Society won the Commitment Award. Well done PsychSoc!

A huge congratulations to our students who have been shortlisted in the Student Awards 2022, a celebration of incredible student achievements across the University of Edinburgh organised by the Edinburgh University Students' Association (EUSA).

We are so proud of how our students have pulled together with energy, empathy and enthusiasm to support the PPLS community in what has been another challenging year.

Meaningful Connections Award

Sam Henry, James Morrissey and Elinor Bridges of PPLS SolidariTEA are nominated for this award due to their incredible work in building and sustaining a student PhD community.

The impact of the last two years has been challenging for the PhD student group, with the pandemic disrupting research and increasing isolation. Within this context, PPLS SolidariTEA has provided a lifeline for students through regular meetings which offer a place of support and the opportunity to connect with peers.

Commitment Award

The Psychology Society (PsychSoc) has been nominated for this award because of its commitment to creating a welcoming, safe and supportive student community. In particular, the society committee members are commended for how they have gone above and beyond to provide practical help and support for members facing difficulties.

Psychology Society

Collaboration Award

The School has two nominations in this award category:

PPLS Student Community Council (PSCC)

The PPLS Student Community Council (PSCC) is a collaboration between the four student societies in the School of PPLS. The following PSCC committee members have been nominated for this award for fostering a sense of School community:

  • Niki Cleland-Hura and Nathan Zou (Philosophy Society)
  • Mik Dizon and Sophia Eliopoulos (Psychology Society)
  • Vlad Grigoras (Cognitive Science Society)
  • Ariane Branigan, Monika Komar and Aaron Merriel (Linguistics Society)

This year the PSCC have put on a diverse and accessible programme of events which have engaged over 900 students and staff. The wide ranging programme of events has included socials, seasonal events, a formal dinner and ceilidh, and a spring ball.

PPLS students and staff benefit hugely from the Council’s time, investment and dedication to growing and supporting our community.

PPLS Student Community Council

Mik Dizon (President of the Psychology Society)

Mik Dizon (2nd-year MA Psychology student) is being recognised for constantly looking out for the wellbeing of the Psychology Society community and developing initiatives aimed at bringing people together, such as organising walking groups to connect people during the pandemic, working collaborating with other societies and organising mental health outreach events.

More information

Visit EUSA's website for updates and the full list of nominations:

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