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PPLS Student & Staff Initiative Fund: Fun at Firbush

Psychology PhD students enjoy academic retreat to the Firbush Point Outdoor Centre

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One of the latest events to be funded by the PPLS Student & Staff Initiative Fund (SSIF) was a reading retreat for the psychology PhD community. The event, attended by 29 PhD students and Psychology Postgraduate Research Director, René Mõttus, and Head of Psychology, Sarah MacPherson, took place at the Firbush Point Outdoor Centre in Perthshire.

As well as reading, there was plenty of outdoor activities, bonding and eating. Across the weekend, attendees had the chance to try four instructor-led activities, including paddle boarding, kayaking, canoeing, windsurfing and mountain biking. In the evenings, the group gathered around a fire-pit, sharing stories and laughs, with the older PhD students welcoming the new students to the department and sharing top tips and advice.

Abbey Pooley, PhD candidate and Senior PG Student Lead:

"The Firbush activity weekend was a great experience for all those who attended. It not only helped put names to faces but created a welcoming start for new PhD students to feel part of the Psychology department community and for current PhD students to reconnect after hybrid working. Everyone who attended the trip are grateful for the opportunity and would like to thank the SSIF for allowing it to happen".

The PPLS Student & Staff Initiative Fund

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