School of Philosophy, Psychology & Language Sciences

Scottish Undergraduate Psychology Conference comes to Edinburgh

This weekend Edinburgh University Psychology were thrilled to host the British Psychological Society’s (BPS) Scottish branch Undergraduate Conference

The annual event is a chance for budding psychologists to meet students and researchers from other universities, present ideas and share experiences. At this year's event (a complete sell-out success), the 400 or so attendees had the chance to think, debate, discuss, network, and celebrate psychological ideas.

The main part of the programme was presentations from undergraduate students at Edinburgh and beyond. Our Edinburgh students' presentations covered their research ideas and dissertations on everything from thinking skills and attention, working memory, personality predictors, mental health online, and the effects of social media on body image. 

As well as learning about each other's research, attendees had a chance to learn more about possible careers in psychology. The BPS were joined by Volunteer Edinburgh, SLV Global (who help psychology graduates find placements in the mental health sector), and research staff from Edinburgh and across Scotland. The conference was closed by Keynote speaker Ian Deary, and Scott Hardie – chair of the Scottish BPS branch. A lovely networking and socialising drinks reception was held to finish a fantastic day.

The British Psychological Society is the representative body for psychologists in the UK responsible for the development, promotion, and application of psychology. Our degree at Edinburgh University is BPS accredited, reflecting the quality of the learning experience we deliver. It was great to have the university facilitate this opportunity with the BPS and we hope it has inspired students for their futures in psychology.