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Science ceilidh highlights brain research

In the mood for dancing? Get down with a science ceilidh!

Are college books weighing you down? Has your mind frozen over the PC? Well here’s a brain wave – get down to the science ceilidh! The experience will revitalise your mind and get those mind cogs moving again like there’s no tomorrow.

Research on the dancefloor

Dr Heather Whalley from the University will be giving the low down on brain scans on a spanking dance floor. Heather’s into brains in a big way. It doesn’t matter if you’re young or old, feeling on top of the world or singing the blues; Heather digs your grey matter.

Mood changes and ageing

Heather works at the Centre for Cognitive Ageing and Cognitive Epidemiology (CCACE). She takes a special interest in mood changes and the effects of ageing and how that impacts the circuitry of your mind. Have you ever had one of those ‘up and down’ days? Heather’s research can shed some light on what’s going on with those neurons in your head.

Science Ceilidh Band

What’s for sure is that those neurons are going to be rocking to the tunes of the Science Ceilidh Band. And hey here’s the cool part – you’ll get to try out a ‘something old, something new’ dance routine. The ceilidh tradition will still be buzzing with fiddles, Gay Gordons and the Stripping of Willows. But now we’ll be swinging our partners with science, bringing brain scans to our do-si-do. Don’t worry about being blinded by science or dancing with the wrong partner, that’s all part of the fun!

The party kicks off Tuesday 10 October at 7pm at Leith Community Education Centre, 12A Newkirkgate. Tickets are a snip at just £3. See you there!

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