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Edinburgh Futures Institute: new lecture series hosted by philosophy professor

Michela Massimi, Personal Chair of Philosophy of Science, is hosting a new lecture series called 'the Futures Lectures' showcasing pioneering interdisciplinary research

The Edinburgh Futures Institute, led by Dean for Special Projects Professor Paolo Quattrone, is launching a new flagship lecture series called 'the Futures Lectures'. The goal is to showcase innovative interdisciplinary research, which makes unexpected connections across methodology and disciplines in the humanities and the sciences. 

Research beyond traditional boundaries  

The series will feature high-profile guest speakers from a range of research specialisms. Michela Massimi will be coordinating the series with colleagues across the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences.

Michela Massimi

Michela herself has produced extensive interdisciplinary research across philosophy, history and the physical sciences and was recently awarded a Royal Society medal for “her interdisciplinary interests in and communication of modern philosophy and science: particularly in relation to physics, and the thinking of Newton, Kant and Pauli.”

Wilkins-Bernal-Medawar Medal awarded to School's Professor

Michela is delivering her prize lecture at the Royal Society on 21 May 2018 as part this award. 

Biological physics

The first guest that Michela will host in the lecture series is Professor Dame Athene Donald, Professor of Experimental Physics at the University of Cambridge.

Professor Athene Donald DBE FRS

Dame Athene is known for her creative and productive research in biological and soft matter physics. She founded a Biology and Soft Systems Group at the Cavendish Laboratory at the University of Cambridge to further this interchange between soft matter physics and biology. 

An outspoken champion of women in science, Dame Athene was awarded the 2009 L’ORÉAL-UNESCO Award for Women in Science for Europe. 

2009 Edition of the L’ORÉAL-UNESCO for Women in Science Awards 

She is also a Fellow of the Royal Society and was awarded the Faraday medal of the Institute of Physics in 2010, amongst several other awards and honours.

2010 Faraday medal - Professor Dame Athene Donald

Event registration

The event with Dame Athene will be held at 4pm - 5.30pm on Friday 18 May in the Business School Auditorium at the University.

Event registration for Dame Athene's lecture 'Labels are Dangerous' is now available on Eventbrite.

Eventbrite - Book tickets for Future Lectures Series | Labels are Dangerous

Edinburgh Futures Institute - First Futures Lecture

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