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Congratulations to our new Professors

Congratulations to Dr Matthew Chrisman and Dr Kenny Smith who have been appointed Personal Chairs

Matthew Chrisman

Matthew is our current Head of Philosophy. His research explores ethical theory, political philosophy, language, and epistemology (the philosophy of knowledge). Matthew is affiliated with the EIDYN research centre, which hosts a range of projects and research activities, showcasing the world-class research the University of Edinburgh produces in Philosophy. Matthew is also the principal investigator on Foundations of Normativity, a grant funded by the Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities.

EIDYN research centre

Foundations of Normativity


Kenny Smith

Kenny works in Linguistics and English Language. His research interests include the evolution of communication, human language, and the capacity for language. He is a member of the Centre for Language Evolution, a world-leading centre of language research based in the school of Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences. He is currently a principal investigator on a £1 Million EU-funded project on The Evolution of Linguistic Complexity.  Kenny also contributed to a free online course on Philosophy and the Sciences.

Centre for Language Evolution

Philosophy and the sciences MOOC


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Matthew Chrisman

Kenny Smith