Linguistics and English Language

Cognitive linguistics research group

Presentations and discussions on cognition in language and beyond

The CLRG research seminars are open to everyone with an interest in the cognitive mechanisms underlying language use and its relation with other aspects of human cognition. Our topics include language representation and processing, conceptual organisation, usage-based grammar, metaphor and figurative speech, linguistic creativity, and many more. The meetings feature talks from invited speakers, presentations of work in progress, and discussions of recent publications and open research problems in the field. Interdisciplinary contributions are particularly welcome.

Time and place

Usually weekly on Tuesdays from 3-4pm in Appleton Tower M1. Please check the LEL events page for details on times and locations.

Upcoming meetings

Upcoming events are listed on the LEL events page


If you’d like more information about the events this semester, or if you’d like to present at one of our meetings, please email one of our committee members (see below). To subscribe to our mailing list, please use the following link:

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