Linguistics and English Language

Talk series and reading groups

Regular meetings to discuss research, books and papers

Linguistic Circle

Invited talks on a range of Linguistics topics from high-profile speakers

PPLS interdisciplinary seminar series

Meets between 3-6 times a year to host speakers of an international calibre

Developmental linguistics seminars

Discussing research into first and second language acquisition

English language research group meetings

Research presentations and discussion on English language and linguistics

Language variation and change seminars

Interdisciplinary group exploring language variation and change across multiple disciplines

Meaning and grammar research group meetings

Presentations and discussion of research into syntax, semantics, pragmatics, morphology

Phonetics/phonology workshop

The meeting series of the Phonetics and Phonology Research Group

Bilingualism research group

Discussing theoretical and experimental issues in bilingualism and language acquisition.

Historical phonology reading group

Discussing recent and/or important work in historical phonology

Sociolinguistics reading group

Open to anyone at the university who is interested in sociolinguistics