Linguistics and English Language

Impact and public engagement

How our research affects the world beyond academia

We produce world-class research, and we are committed to using this research to engage and inspire people beyond academia. Our researchers work with practitioners in health, policy, education and the arts to make a difference.

Language evolution and artistic practice

Singing Glass art installation at Dundee Design Festival 2018
Research into language evolution inspires the arts

The commercial and clinical impact of speech synthesis technology

Researchers from the Centre for Speech Technology Research developed open-source speech synthesis technology that is widely used for commercial and clinical purposes

Bilingualism Matters

Bilingualism Matters office
Bilingualism Matters carries out research and public engagement on the benefits of language learning. It is the basis of an international network

Linguistics Olympiad

Image of a pale blue-green puzzle
The UK Linguistics Olympiad is a national competition, where school pupils of all ages and abilities can compete to solve linguistic data problems