Linguistics and English Language

Recording studios

A range of acoustically-isolated rooms, including a near-anechoic chamber

Interior shot of the Appleton Tower recording studio

Appleton Tower

High quality acoustic recording studio. Self-service with training, or under control of recording technician.

Available for use by All PPLS staff and postgraduates. PPLS undergraduates as part of coursework or honours dissertation.
Location Appleton Tower basement
Priority 1. PPLS staff and students
Telephone number 50 3485

Swipe card.

Training is required before using the studio.

Access for classes is initiated by the course organizer, who should contact the Undergraduate Teaching Office or Postgraduate Administrative Office with a list of students registered for the class via EUCLID.

Access for other students requiring to use the lab in connection with their course work should contact

Staff requiring access should contact

Booking Booking system (the booking system is accessible on the university network or via VPN).
Lab usage policy
Man speaking into a mic in the University's near-anechoic chamber

Informatics Forum

For very high quality recordings, we use a high-end Pro Tools HD system in conjunction with the anechoic chamber.

A very high quality acoustic recording studio. 4 individual acoustically-isolated rooms. Near-anechoic chamber for very high quality low-reverberation voice recording. Dedicated eye-tracking studio and a pair of studios which can be optionally linked by a soundproof window. All rooms can be operated independently, allowing 4 simultaneous recording sessions.

If you require a PDF document in an alternative format, such as large print or a coloured background, please contact the Undergraduate Teaching Office or email (Linguistics and English Language & Cognitive Science enquiries).