Linguistics and English Language

Perception laboratory

Four sound-deadened booths for running perceptual and psycholinguistics experiments

Lab access suspended

All research labs are currently closed until further notice.

Each booth has a PC with E-Prime software installed and a serial response box fitted. The booths can also be used for other computer based experiments, or simply pen and paper responses to audio stimuli.

Available to All PPLS staff and postgraduates. Undergraduates involved in PPLS coursework or honours dissertation.
Charges Free for undergraduate use, free for postgraduate use. Charges apply to funded research projects. Free for unfunded pilot studies.
Location Basement Appleton Tower (room B.Z.13)

1. LEL staff and students

2. All other PPLS staff and students


Swipe card.

Access for students requiring to use the lab in connection with their course work is initiated by the student’s supervisor, who should contact PPLS Facilities

Staff requiring access should contact PPLS Facilities

PPLS Facilities

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Lab usage policy

If you require a PDF document in an alternative format, such as large print or a coloured background, please contact the Undergraduate Teaching Office or email (Linguistics and English Language & Cognitive Science enquiries).