Linguistics and English Language

Informatics Forum experiment booths

Eight sound-deadened booths for running perceptual and psycholinguistic experiments

Lab access suspended

All research labs are currently closed until further notice.

Each booth is equipped with a dual-boot (Windows and MacOS) Mac-mini and a serial response box. There are also dual action gamepads, microphones, headphones and chinrests available. E-Prime software is available for developing and running experiments.

Available to all PPLS staff, PPLS PhD and PPLS MSc by research, with appropriate induction/training
Charges usually free to postgraduates. Charges apply to funded research projects
Location B10 (basement of Informatics Forum)
  1. Funded PPLS or Informatics research
  2. Other PPLS or Informatics research
Access Swipe card, authorised by Cedric Macmartin