Linguistics and English Language

Labs and facilities

Research facilities available across the School of Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences

Lab access

Due to the ongoing reorganisation of research facilities in PPLS, it is essential that any new on-campus research study should contact to confirm that a suitable research room is available.

Admiral's laboratory

Sixteen experiment booths in 7 George Square

Cognitive neuroscience suite

Facilities include EEG and fNIRS, non-invasive brain stimulation, eye tracking and motion tracking

Computing labs

Multi-seat computing labs

Eye tracking analysis laboratories

World class eye tracking facilities both here and at the School of Informatics

Developmental lab

A state-of-the-art facility for infant/child research on the development of language and cognition

Perception laboratory

Four sound-deadened booths for running perceptual and psycholinguistics experiments

Speech production facility

Two Carstens Electromagnetic Articulographs with simultaneous acoustic recording, palatography and data analysis software

Informatics Forum experiment booths

Eight sound-deadened booths for running perceptual and psycholinguistic experiments

Recording studios

A range of acoustically-isolated rooms, including a near-anechoic chamber

Psychology and Philosophy and library

Linguistics and English Language students have access to this dedicated library in the Psychology building, 7 George Square

Psychology and Philosophy library