Linguistics and English Language

Research conferences

Links to upcoming and previous research conferences

Date Conference
August 2018 20th International Conference on English Historical Linguistics
April 2017 4th International Workshop on Sound Change
September 2016 Sinn und Bedeutung 21
June 2016

Angus MacIntosh Centre Symposium on Historical Dialectology

April 2016 The 7th Northern Englishes Workshop
December 2015 The Second Edinburgh Symposium on Historical Phonology
May 2015 Perspectives on Nativism Workshop
January 2014 The First Edinburgh Symposium on Historical Phonology
July 2012 New Reflections on Grammaticalisation V
September 2009 Linguistics Association of Great Britain 50th Anniversary Golden Jubilee Meeting
September 2007 40th Annual Meeting of the British Association for Applied Linguistics
July 2007  First International Conference on Linguistics of Contemporary English