Linguistics and English Language

Current and recent postgraduate students

List of current and recent postgraduate students working on English-Language-related topics


  Research topic
Elizabeth Adeolu Accents of Nigerian English: perceptions and attitudes

Abdulrahman Alwadea

The stress patterns of disyllabic words in English
Soundess Azzabou–Kacem The optionality of pre-nuclear prominence in Rhythm Rule environments: the effects of prosodic boundary strength and stress clash
Zachary Boyd Cross-cultural indexical cues and perception in the construction of sexual identities within native and non-native speaker interaction
Amanda Cardoso The PRICE and MOUTH diphthongs in Liverpool English
Xin Chen Participles, gerunds and _drinking water_ vs. _Trinkwasser_ 
Nestor dela Cruz Attitudes towards Filipino call centre accents
Nadine Dietrich Historical semantics; futurity and modality in English, Corpus Linguistics, Grammaticalisation Theory 

Lisa Gotthard

Diachronic variation and change; syntax; Scots; parsed corpora; language contact; Germanic varieties
E Jamieson Negation in spoken Scots dialects
Daniel Lawrence Sociophonetics and the North-South Divide in England: an experimental investigation of socio-indexical knowledge
Thijs Lubbers Developing a grammar of prose
Dan McColm Constructional change in English, German and Dutch
Natasha Memon The impact of the IELTS test in Pakistan
Sara Myers Some aspects of the development of the genitive noun phrase in Middle English
Manuela Rocchi Non-interrogative argument-filling If and When clauses in English and Italian
Daisy Smith The inflectional morphology of Older Scots

Sarah van Eyndhoven

Historical Sociolinguistics; 18th century written Scots; political indexicality and identity in the Union of 1707