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Student support

The school provides a range of services to support you during your studies

Student Support Office

We have a dedicated team of student support officers who provide a range of services to students in ensuring their experience at the University is a positive one.

If you wish to change your programme or courses, have any personal issues affecting your studies or need advice on any aspects of undergraduate study, the team can help you.

The team also supports the various student services within the School including the student subject societies, the School Council, peer student support, information sessions and consultations and organising class reps.  The team also lead induction, helping you make the most out of your first few weeks at the University.

Student Support Office

Your Personal Tutor

We want you to have the best possible experience during your degree.

At the beginning of your studies, you will be assigned a member of the teaching staff who will be your Personal Tutor. Your Personal Tutor is there to support you throughout your time at the University by providing academic support. Your Personal Tutor, with assistance from the Student Support office, can also provide advice on the wider network of specialist student support services at the University.

You will have a scheduled number of meetings with your Personal Tutor each academic year. In PPLS, you will meet your Personal Tutor for the first time during Welcome Week – information about this is provided in the pre-arrival pack.

Typically, you can expect to meet with your Personal Tutor four times in your first year, followed by three meetings in second year. Contact will gradually become less formal in the latter years of study with one scheduled meeting in each subsequent year. You are encouraged, however, to arrange a meeting with your Personal Tutor as required throughout your time at the University.

You may wish to discuss the following with your Personal Tutor:

  • your previous year's results
  • how to improve your grades
  • your course choices for the present year
  • things to be thinking about for achieving your goals at university and beyond

Further information

Personal Tutors

The PPLS Writing Centre

The PPLS Writing Centre offers undergraduate students the chance to go over their work with postgraduate tutors working in the same area. For just under an hour, you have a tutor giving you and your work complete and undivided attention with a chance to talk through your presentation of complicated issues with someone who has experience in the field. Follow the appointment link below to make an appointment.

The PPLS Writing Centre



LingSoc, the Linguistics and English Language Society, is a society for appreciation, study and conversation of language. The society was created by students who wanted to provide a forum for Linguistics and English Language that extended beyond the classroom to provide support, friendship and a community.

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