Linguistics and English Language

Programme structure and assessment

This programme comprises two semesters of taught compulsory and optional courses, followed by a dissertation

After the two semesters of taught courses, you will conduct an individual piece of research and write a dissertation. The research project is performed under the supervision of an expert member of the teaching or research staff, often assisted by postdoctoral research fellows.

Examples of recent dissertation topics include:

  • Large Scale Speech Synthesis Evaluation
  • Digital Microphone Array - Design, Implementation and Speech Recognition Experiments
  • Further Investigation of MDS as a Tool for Evaluation of Speech Quality of Synthesized Speech
  • Dae ye ken me? Speech synthesis in the Gorbals region of Glasgow
  • Exploiting linguistically-enriched models of phrase-based statistical machine translation
  • Knowledge-lean approaches to metonymy
  • Automatic speech recognition for disordered speech


Full programme structure