Linguistics and English Language

Programme structure and assessment

This programme comprises two semesters of taught compulsory and optional courses, followed by a dissertation

After the two semesters of taught courses, you will conduct an individual piece of research and write a dissertation. The research project is performed under the supervision of an expert member of the teaching or research staff, often assisted by postdoctoral research fellows and PHD students.

Examples of recent dissertation topics include:

  • Multi-Task Learning Approaches to Accented Speech Recognition
  • Using i-vectors in Speaker Adaptive Speech Synthesis for Disordered Speech
  • Multimodal Emotion Recognition: an Assessment of Deep Learning Approaches
  • A Sequence-to-Sequence Neural Network for English Past-tense Inflection
  • Hate Speech Detection on Twitter
  • Controlling Prosody in Speech Synthesis Systems
  • Knowledge-lean Approaches to Metonymy

Degree Programme Table (DPT)

Information in the Degree Programme Tables may still be subject to change.

DPT: Speech and Language Processing