Linguistics and English Language

Programme overview

This programme covers all areas of speech and language processing, from phonetics, speech synthesis and speech recognition, to natural language understanding and machine translation

The flexible nature of the programme allows students to take courses ranging across other areas of linguistics, informatics, and cognitive science.

The programme is co-taught by faculty from linguistics and informatics, both of which are world leading in their fields. This programme draws on the combined expertise of these subject areas to deliver a broad range of courses, all informed by current research being conducted at Edinburgh.

On the programme, you will feel connected to these active research programmes and will be taught by leading researchers in their respective fields. The dissertation project provides an opportunity for you to directly connect with active research projects.

Video: An introduction from the Programme Director

Taster video

For a taster of some of the research conducted here in Edinburgh, watch this lecture. If you have any other questions about the programme that are not answered on these pages, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Video: Using Speech Synthesis to give Everyone their own Voice

Find out more about MSc Speech & Language Processing

This presentation, delivered by Professor Simon King provides a comprehensive overview of the programme.