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Staff profiles of those involved in teaching on the programme

    Research interests
Alice Turk

Professor Alice Turk

Programme director

Professor Alice Turk is the programme director for the MSc in Phonetics. She convenes the Speech Production and Perception course. Her research programme focuses on the types of representations and processes that are involved in speech production. Her interests include prosodic structure and its influence on phonetic form, and speech timing.
Lauren Hall-Lew
Dr Lauren Hall-Lew Dr Lauren Hall-Lew is a sociophonetician who teaches on Introduction to Sociolinguistics and organises and teaches Special Topics in Sociolinguistics (which sometimes focuses on sociophonetics). Her research focuses on phonetic variation in English, including sound change phenomena and indexical meaning.
Simon King
Professor Simon King Professor Simon King is the director of the Centre for Speech Technology Research and programme director for the MSc in Speech & Language Processing. He teaches courses in speech processing, including automatic speech recognition and text-to-speech synthesis. His research interests span both of these areas, as well as speech signal processing and methods to enhance the intelligibility of synthetic speech.
Rebekka Puderbaugh
Rebekka Puderbaugh Dr Puderbaugh convenes the Introduction to Phonetics & Phonology course. Her interests include acoustic phonetics, phonetic description of understudied languages, glottalic speech, and phonation.
Bert Remijsen
Dr Bert Remijsen Dr Bert Remijsen convenes the Phonetics & Laboratory Phonology course. His research interests include tone, intonation, vowel length and other suprasegmental contrasts. Beyond the speech side of language, he is engaged in the description and documentation of Shilluk, a language spoken in South Sudan.