Linguistics and English Language

Programme teaching staff

Staff profiles of those involved in teaching on the programme

    Research interests
  Dr Michael Ramsammy (Programme director) Experimental and theoretical phonology; articulatory and acoustic phonetics; sign language linguistics, with a focus on BSL; dialectology, with a focus on Portuguese and Spanish; Caribbean Creole Englishes, especially Guyanese Creole English; historical Romance and Germanic linguistics; phonological change, especially the life cycle of phonological processes; sociophonetics, language variation and language attitudes
  Professor Peter Ackema Theoretical syntax and morphology; interaction between morphology and syntax; lexical integrity effects; phrasal derivation
Vicky Chondrogianni profile pic

Dr Vicky Chondrogianni

Dr Vicky Chondrogianni is a senior lecturer in bilingualism. Her research focuses on cross-linguistic aspects of acquisition and processing in typically-developing monolingual and bilingual children and in children with language impairment. Dr Chondrogianni teaches Second Language Acquisition, Developmental Language Disorder and Research Methods in Developmental Linguistics.
Claire Cowie
Dr Claire Cowie I am interested in what happens to varieties such as Indian English in contact with L1 Englishes, mostly specifically in call centre communication. I use experimental methods to generate dialogues in which phonological variables can be measured to determine convergence.
Chris Cummins
Dr Chris Cummins Experimental semantics and pragmatics, quantity expressions, implicature, presupposition, dialogue modelling
Caroline Heycock
Professor Caroline Heycock Syntactic theory; syntactic variation and change; Germanic; Japanese
Patrick Honeybone
Dr Patrick Honeybone (on leave Semester 2) Historical phonology; phonological theory; northern Englishes
Pavel Iosad
Dr Pavel Iosad Theoretical phonology; phonological interfaces; historical phonology; Celtic languages; Germanic languages
Professor John Joseph
Professor John Joseph Professor John Joseph's work approaches language and languages in terms of people speaking and interpreting, and sometimes communicating (though not as often or as well as we imagine). His research is situated at the intersections of language and identity, language and politics, and language, mind and body. His teaching aims to guide students in doing their own original research in areas of current interest within applied linguistics, including language teaching and learning, and language policy.
Simon Kirby

Professor Simon Kirby

Origins and evolution of language; cultural evolution; bridging scientific and artistic practice
Bettelou Los
Professor Bettelou Los Historical syntax, early Germanic, Old English, history of English, Information Structure/Discourse Structure
Warren Maguire
Dr Warren Maguire Dialectology; varieties of English/Scots; phonetic and phonological variation and change
Mits Ota profile pic
Professor Mits Ota Dr Mits Ota is a reader in linguistics. His research looks at how children and adults develop knowledge of the sound system of the language and how that process is related to their learning of words. Dr Ota teaches First Language Acquisition, Second Language Acquisition and Research Methods in Developmental Linguistics.
Bert Remijsen
Dr Bert Remijsen Dr Bert Remijsen is a Chancellor’s Fellow in Linguistics and English Language. His research interests include tone, intonation, vowel length and other suprasegmental contrasts. Beyond the speech side of language, he is engaged in the description and documentation of Shilluk, a language spoken in South Sudan.
Hannah Rohde
Dr Hannah Rohde Pragmatics; psycholinguistics
Graeme Trousdale
Professor Graeme Trousdale English historical linguistics; cognitive linguistics, especially construction grammar
Rob Truswell
Dr Rob Truswell (on leave Semester 1) Syntax; semantics; language change; diachronic typology; locality; event structure; quantifier scope; binding
Alice Turk

Professor Alice Turk

Professor Alice Turk is director of the LEL laboratory facilities and a programme director for the MSc in Phonetics. She convenes the Phonetics and Laboratory Phonology and Speech Production and Perception courses. Her research programme focuses on the types of constituents that group and shape sounds of spoken utterances and the role these constituents play in speech perception.
Sumin Zhao photo
Dr Sumin Zhao Dr Sumin Zhao is a Lecturer in Discourse Analysis, specialising in Critical and Multimodal Discourse Analysis. Her research focuses on computer-mediated and social media discourses. She also researches home-based digital literacy practices of young (multilingual) children using linguistic ethnography.