Linguistics and English Language

Programme overview

Gain intellectual and practical skills to engage in linguistics research, either for its own sake, or as part of cross-disciplinary research

  • Where does diversity come from in the world’s languages?
  • What do we have to know in order to speak a language?
  • Why does language change?
  • What do languages have in common?

This highly flexible MSc draws on the University of Edinburgh’s unparalleled research expertise in Linguistics. Linguistics and English Language at Edinburgh has access to a wide breadth of research themes, with the greatest theoretical depth that you will find anywhere. This programme gives you the flexibility to choose courses and research topics to suit your academic interests and goals.

The department has multiple overlapping research groups, covering everything from meaning and grammar to language evolution. This programme is unique in allowing you freedom to draw on these resources.

Find out more about MSc Linguistics

This presentation, delivered by Dr Michael Ramsammy provides a comprehensive overview of the programme.