Linguistics and English Language

Programme teaching staff

Staff profiles of those involved in teaching on the programme

    Research interests
Claire Cowie
Dr Claire Cowie (Programme director) I am interested in what happens to varieties such as Indian English in contact with L1 Englishes, mostly specifically in call centre communication. I use experimental methods to generate dialogues in which phonological variables can be measured to determine convergence.
Patrick Honeybone
Dr Patrick Honeybone Historical phonology; phonological theory; northern Englishes
Pavel Iosad
Dr Pavel Iosad Theoretical phonology; phonological interfaces; historical phonology; Celtic languages; Germanic languages
Bettelou Los
Professor Bettelou Los Historical syntax, early Germanic, Old English, history of English, Information Structure/Discourse Structure
Warren Maguire
Dr Warren Maguire Dialectology; varieties of English/Scots; phonetic and phonological variation and change
Graeme Trousdale
Professor Graeme Trousdale English historical linguistics; cognitive linguistics, especially construction grammar
  Dr Linda Van Bergen Aspects of the syntax of early English that are connected to word order, especially where there is some kind of problem with commonly made claims. Grammaticalisation, or more specifically degrammaticalisation.