Linguistics and English Language

Programme overview

Delve deeper into the structure of the English language’s phonology, syntax and semantics and modern and historical development

This intensive programme can function either as a stand-alone masters qualification or as a basis for further postgraduate study, typically at PhD level.

Joining an internationally acclaimed centre for research and teaching in the linguistic study of English, you will explore in depth a global language with a rich history and great social and geographical variation. You will be taught by world-leading experts who will give you a detailed awareness of the ways in which English is used in Britain and around the world.

The MSc in English Language at the University of Edinburgh is unrivalled in its scope; the range of courses on the English Language that you may take is unique to this degree and reflects the broad range of research interests amongst the staff in our school, all of whom are world-leading experts in their fields.

Linguistics and English Language at the University of Edinburgh is one of the world’s highest-ranking departments in this subject area, attracting staff, students, and visiting speakers from all over the world. There simply is no better place to learn all about the fascinating language that is English.

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This presentation, delivered by Dr Claire Cowie provides a comprehensive overview of the programme.