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Dr Vicky Chondrogianni

Programme director

Dr Vicky Chondrogianni is a senior lecturer in bilingualism. Her research focuses on cross-linguistic aspects of acquisition and processing in typically-developing monolingual and bilingual children and in children with language impairment. Dr Chondrogianni teaches Second Language Acquisition, Developmental Language Disorder and Research Methods in Developmental Linguistics.
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Dr Jennifer Culbertson Dr Jennifer Culbertson is a reader in the Centre for Language Evolution. Her research focuses on understanding how languages are shaped by learning and use, in particular, how typological universals arise from properties of our cognitive system. Dr Culbertson teaches First Language Acquisition and Universals of Language, and is involved in the teaching of the Psychology of Language and Research Methods in Developmental Linguistics.
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Professor Mits Ota Dr Mits Ota is a reader in linguistics. His research looks at how children and adults develop knowledge of the sound system of the language and how that process is related to their learning of words. Dr Ota teaches First Language Acquisition, Second Language Acquisition and Research Methods in Developmental Linguistics.
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Professor Antonella Sorace Professor Antonella Sorace is a world-leading expert on second language acquisition and bilingualism, with a specific focus on the cognitive aspects of language development. Professor Sorace is the founder of Bilingualism Matters, a research and information centre about bilingualism and language learning. She teaches Second Language Acquisition, Psychology of Language Learning, and Child Bilingualism.