Linguistics and English Language

Programme overview

An opportunity to choose from a range of courses in this interdisciplinary programme

  • How do children learn language?
  • How do adults learn a second language?
  • How do bilinguals accommodate two languages in their mind?
  • What happens when we forget a language?

These are some of the central topics you will learn about in this taught master's programme on developmental linguistics. The programme offers knowledge and research skills in understanding how our linguistic competence changes as we acquire or lose language at various points in our lifespan.

The interdisciplinary and modular nature of the programme allows you to tailor your study to your own interests by combining a range of courses taught by world-class experts in Linguistics, Psychology and other related subject areas in Edinburgh, a university with the largest concentration of language-related researchers in the UK. 

The programme places equal emphasis on first language acquisition, second language acquisition and bilingualism, making it an ideal choice for those who wish to have a broad knowledge in language development studies with a particular focus on empirical/experimental research.

Our skills-oriented training means graduates of the programme will be equipped with cutting-edge research skills in developmental linguistic and other related areas.