Linguistics and English Language

Learning outcomes and careers

This programme provides you with a range of knowledge and skills to prepare you for a variety of career paths

By completing this degree, you will have acquired up-to-date knowledge of first/second language acquisition and bilingualism as well as research skills required to conduct empirical studies in these areas (including experimental design, statistics, corpus analysis, and various experimental techniques).

Much of the general research skills taught in the programme, such as quantitative analysis and scientific reporting, are transferrable to other areas of research as well. The programme can be taken as a stand-alone master's degree, but also provides an ideal preparation for PhD study.

Many graduates of the programme proceed to do a PhD in language development/acquisition. Some pursue a professional career after further training in a related area (e.g., speech and language therapy, language technology). Others have obtained a position in a language-related institute (e.g., the National Centre for Languages, Cambridge Assessment).