Linguistics and English Language

Programme overview

This is an intensive one-year programme in what may be termed 'socially relevant Linguistics'

In Applied Linguistics, we draw on knowledge about language, how it works and how it is used in order to contribute to real life issues.

We examine language use in a variety of social settings (e.g. language use in everyday conversation, in educational settings, in medical settings etc.). We focus on language variability (e.g. bilingualism, accents, dialects, etc.) versus social diversity (e.g. gender, class, ethnicity etc.). We also consider how knowledge about language as it is actually used in real social settings can (be made to) impact on people's lives.

The programme benefits from a long and respected academic tradition. Edinburgh was the first UK university to offer a programme in Applied Linguistics and the first ever School of Applied Linguistics was founded in 1957 by the late Professor Ian Catford.

Postgraduate online session

Watch a recording of the recent online information session introducing MSc Applied Linguistics for entry in 2021.