Linguistics and English Language

Masters programmes

All available Masters programmes

MSc Applied Linguistics

This programme has a strong emphasis on developing skills and knowledge that can be applied in professional settings

MSc Developmental Linguistics

Understanding the use and development of language at all stages of life

MSc English Language

Study the phonology, syntax, semantics, and development of the English Language

MSc Evolution of Language & Cognition

Investigate the origins and evolution of human language

MSc Linguistics

Gain the skills needed to engage in linguistics research

MSc Phonetics

A comprehensive grounding in the theory and practice of phonetics

MSc Psychology of Language

Develop an in-depth understanding of current research in psycholinguistics

MSc Speech & Language Processing

Combining elements of linguistics, computer science, engineering and psychology

MSc by Research

An opportunity to focus in detail on an area of your choosing, while still being able to take some taught courses

Personal statements

When applying you should include a personal statement detailing your academic abilities and your reasons for applying for the programme. This should include a short description of a philosophical question you would like to pursue during your time as an MSc student here, and an explanation of why you find it philosophically interesting.

The online application form will ask you to enter this directly into the online system however you do have the option to attach your personal statement as a further relevant document in the Upload Docs section.

Your personal statement should not exceed 500 words.