Linguistics and English Language

Research interests

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We can offer expert supervision across a wide range of topics:

  • Developmental linguistics, including first and second language acquisition
  • Discourse Analysis
  • Historical English Linguistics, including the syntax, morphology, and phonology from the earliest periods to the present day
  • Language evolution. The study of the evolution of language was pioneered at Edinburgh
  • Morphology, including word formation, in particular of English and the Germanic languages
  • Phonetics and phonology, including diachronic phonology and the phonology of varieties of English and their history
  • Scots
  • Sociolinguistics
  • Speech technology
  • Syntax and semantics, including theoretical syntax, descriptive syntax of English, diachronic syntax and both lexical and formal semantics
  • Varieties of English, including British varieties and international varieties of English

Furthermore, there are a number of experts in a range of different theoretical approaches to the study of language.

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