Linguistics and English Language

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Studying with us

Prospective students

If you're thinking about studying with us, or have applied to study with us, please direct queries to the Undergraduate Admissions Office or the School Postgraduate Office.

Undergraduate Admissions Office

Postgraduate Office

Current undergraduate students 

Undergraduate Teaching Office can help with matters relating to the administration of your courses.

Student Support Office are also available to help with a range of other undergraduate queries.

Current postgraduate students 

Postgraduate Office should be your first port of call for most postgraduate queries.


Consult our research page for information about our research.


Key contacts in Linguistics and English Language

Below is a list of faculty with administrative responsibilities, who you should also feel free to contact.

Head of Linguistics and English Language Alice Turk
Head of School Holly Branigan


Exam Board Convener (Honours) Peter Ackema
Pre-honours Convener & Exam Board Convenor Peter Ackema
Honours Convener Graeme Trousdale
Linguistics and English Language Teaching Director Graeme Trousdale
Quality Assurance Representative Josef Fruehwald
Computing and Equipment Subject Area Representative Michael Ramsammy
Equality and Diversity Subject Area Representative Michael Ramsammy
Chair Undergraduate Special Circumstances Committee Peter Ackema
Library Contact Linda van Bergen
International Students Patrick Honeybone
Language and Schools Projects Graeme Trousdale
PPLS College Recruitment and Admissions Chris Cummins
PPLS Coordinator of Adjustments Chris Cummins
Research ethics committee chair Jenny Culbertson
Tutor Coordinator Bert Remijsen
Dissertation Convener (Hons) Warren Maguire
Linguistic Circle Chris Cummins and Caroline Heycock
Online Learning Officer Claire Cowie


PPLS Postgraduate Director Mits Ota
Postgraduate Advisor Joseph Gafaranga
Taught MSc Coordinator Rob Truswell
MSc Applied Linguistics Director Lauren Hall-Lew
MSc Cognition in Science & Society Director Chris Cummins
MSc Developmental Linguistics Director Vicky Chondrogianni
MSc English Language Director Claire Cowie
MSc Evolution of Language & Cognition Director Simon Kirby
MSc Linguistics Director Michael Ramsammy
MSc Phonetics Director Alice Turk 
MSc Speech & Language Processing Director Simon King
SGSSS Linguistics Pathway Representative Jenny Culbertson
AHRC/Scottish Graduate School panel member Patrick Honeybone


Research Advisor Hannah Rohde
Director of Bilingualism Matters Antonella Sorace
Director of Angus McIntosh Centre Heinz Giegerich
Director of Centre for Speech Technology Research Simon King
Director of Centre for Language Evolution Simon Kirby
REF coordinator John Joseph