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World English Language Day

Celebrating the linguistic and cultural diversity of the English language

Chosen by the UN as it is both the birth and death date of William Shakespeare, the 23rd of April is World English Language Day. World English Language Day is one of six official language days designated by the UN in order to celebrate the UN's six official languages. The celebrations of language are aimed to raise awareness and knowledge, and to create respect for the history and cultures linked to a particular language.

In recognition of World English Language Day, PPLS lecturer Claire Cowie has written a fascinating piece on World English and Globalization. Her blog post discusses how different varieties of English across the world are developing as societies and media become increasingly interlinked.

Claire Cowie is one of our lecturers in Linguistics and English Language. As well as World Englishes, her research interests include morphological productivity and pragmatics. Dr Cowie's undergraduate teaching includes Global Englishes, and English in Time and Space.

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