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Edinburgh International Science Festival: Am I really speaking?

Create your own language with researchers from the Centre for Language Evolution and learn how bilingualism can help children’s development with Antonella Sorace at the 2018 Edinburgh International Science Festival

Linguists from the Centre for Language Evolution and Professor Antonella Sorace from Bilingualism Matters will feature in the upcoming Edinburgh International Science Festival.

Centre for Language Evolution

Antonella Sorace

Bilingualism Matters

Experimentarium: Creating Communication

Monday 9 – Friday 13 April, 11am–4pm in Summerhall (Main Hall)

Humans have the most complex mechanism of communication. But, do we know why? This time you will have to play your way to understand it.

Researchers from the Centre for Language Evolution have designed a series of experimental games to explain all these questions surrounding human language and its evolution.

Be ready to act like a cell and even create your own language in this activity at the Edinburgh International Science Festival.

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Experimentarium: Creating Communication - Edinburgh International Science Festival

Bilingualism matters

Thursday 5 April, 7pm–8.30pm in RZSS Edinburgh Zoo (Education Centre)

Do you know what gets the most benefits from bilingualism? Good guess, your brain.

Professor of Developmental Linguistics Antonella Sorace discusses the benefits of bilingualism at the Edinburgh International Science Festival.

Join Antonella as she highlights the positive impact bilingualism has on children’s cognitive development and some of the obstacles a bilingual family might face.

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Bilingualism matters - Edinburgh International Science Festival

Edinburgh International Science Festival

The festival is a celebration of science and technology, taking place each year during the Easter break. It was the first of its kind in the world and is still one of the largest science festivals in Europe, with almost 300 events running each year.

Edinburgh International Science Festival