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Cognitive Science Society elects linguistics professor to Governing Board

Kenny Smith is appointed to the Cognitive Science Society Governing Board

Congratulations to Professor of Evolutionary Linguistics Kenny Smith from the School of PPLS, who has been elected to the CSS Governing Board following a public vote of nominees in December 2017.

Kenny Smith

Focus on early career researchers

In his nomination, Kenny outlined his aim to put early career researchers at the heart of the society. He hopes to keep the annual CSS conference accessible and affordable to early career researchers and wants to welcome a broader range of researchers within underrepresented fields in the society.

I would like to reach out to the next generation of researchers in linguistics, anthropology and biology who take an evolutionary approach to studying the mind. I think the Cognitive Science Society is a natural home for researchers in those disciplines, and I'd be excited to see more contributions from currently-underrepresented fields like comparative psychology and neuroethology.

Kenny SmithProfessor of Evolutionary Linguistics at the School of PPLS

Influential Fellows

Professor of Language Evolution Simon Kirby and Professor Emeritus Jim Hurford at the School of PPLS have also been elected as Fellows of the CSS.

Simon Kirby

Jim Hurford

Recognised for their integrity, Fellows of the CSS are people whose research has seen sustained excellence and had sustained impact on the Cognitive Science community.

Understanding the human mind

The CSS brings together researchers worldwide interested in understanding the nature of the human mind.

The society aims to promote Cognitive Science as a discipline and to foster interdisciplinary research across a variety of areas such as Artificial Intelligence, Linguistics, Psychology, Neuroscience and Philosophy.

In addition to the annual CSS conference, the society also publishes the journals Cognitive Science and TopiCS.

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