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Artist to join the Centre for Language Evolution

We are excited to announce that Professor Simon Kirby, Chair of Language Evolution, and Scottish artist Hanna Tuulikki have received an artist in residence grant from The Leverhulme Trust.

This collaboration aims to foster cross-disciplinary interaction and broaden our understanding of the role of culture in language evolution.

Hanna Tuulikki is an artist working across a variety of media and forms, and who is interested in the role of art and music in human communication and language evolution. She uses visual, musical, and performance art to explore human connections with places and each other.

Professor Simon Kirby is the Chair of Language Evolution and the Director of the Centre for Language Evolution at the University of Edinburgh. His research includes the evolution of communication, language, and music, cultural evolution, iterated learning, and the ways in which science and art intersect and interact.

During the 10 month residency, Hanna will be based in the Centre for Language Evolution for two days a week to learn about the current research into language origins and cultural evolution, using this knowledge to inform a new body of artistic work.

The Leverhulme Trust has provided grants and scholarships to support research and education since 1925. Their aim is to support original research that advances our understanding of the world.

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