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Speaker: Maarten Mous (Leiden University)

Title: Cushitic-Bantu language contact through the centuries

Abstract: The Cushitic and Bantu languages families are unrelated but to some extend similar in their morphology. Both verbal systems are characterised by complex affixation and both noun systems show interconnectedness of gender and number. The two families have been in contact in several points in time and space in East Africa and in many different sociolinguistic situations. The outcomes of language contact are often linked to variations in language dominance in the sociolinguistic settings but not so often based on empirical observation (Thomason & Kaufman 1988, Van Coetsem 2000, Winford 2002). In my talk I present an encyclopaedia of Cushitic-Bantu language contact situations, their outcomes and their sociolinguistic profile in order examine the proposed correlations critically. These situations range from partial language shift and mixed language creation to lexical borrowing linked to modernity. (Mous 2003, Mous & Qorro 2009; Kiessling e.a. 2008, Petrollino & Mous 2010).


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Jun 13 2019 -

Linguistic Circle

2019-06-13: Cushitic-Bantu language contact through the centuries

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