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Language in context seminar

Speaker: Professor David Crystal (honorary professor of linguistics, University of Bangor)

Title: Language in its Theatrical Context: applying historical phonology

Abstract: David Crystal describes the origins and present state of the art in the use of reconstructed pronunciation for performances of plays in Early Modern English, with particular reference to Shakespeare - what in the theatre world has come to be called OP (original pronunciation). Recent developments include the broadening of the approach to include the poetry and prose of earlier and later periods, as well as in domains outside English literature, notably in heritage projects and early music ensembles. The quality of the evidence available in different periods is reviewed, and attention is drawn to some of the practical issues encountered when working with performance practitioners.


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Stephen McNulty

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May 21 2021 -

Language in context seminar

2021-05-21: Language in its Theatrical Context: applying historical phonology

Online via link invitation