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Language in context seminar

POSTPONED until further notice.

Speaker: Tom Bartlett (University of Glasgow, School of Critical Studies)

Title: No Gods and Precious Few Heroes: Towards a materialist account of context and social change

Abstract: In this talk I will bring together the architecture of Systemic Functional Linguistics (SFL), a theory which normally considers language as a social phenomenon to the relative neglect of the psychological, with concepts from systems theory (Kretzschmar 2015), evolutionary biolinguistics (Pennisi and Falzone 2016) and cultural evolution (Rogers 1989; Rendell et al. 2010; Pagel 2012). Combining these frameworks goes some way to providing a materialist account of the relationship between language and context as a metastable system – a system that is stable enough to be recognisable and usable, yet dynamic enough to cater to synchronic variation and stimulate diachronic change.

In the first part of the talk I will provide an outline of the architecture of SFL, with a focus on the indeterminate relationship between context and semantics - “the cracks where the light gets in” (Cohen 1992) and through which social innovation emerges. In the second part, I will draw on evolutionary theory to account for the contours of variation across contexts and the processes of change that typify a metastable system. And in the third part, I will discuss the implications of the theoretical framework in analysing data from nursing handover meetings.


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Language in context seminar

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