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Language evolution seminar

Speaker: Cailin O'Connor (University of California, Irvine, Department of Logic and Philosophy of Science)

Title: Evolving Perceptual Categories

Abstract: I use sim-max games to model perceptual categorization with the goal of answering the following question: To what degree should we expect the perceptual categories of biological actors to track properties of the world around them? I argue that an analysis of these games suggests that the relationship between real-world structure and evolved perceptual categories is mediated by successful action in the sense that organisms evolve to categorize together states of nature for which similar actions lead to similar results. This conclusion indicates that both strongly realist and strongly anti-realist views about perceptual categories are too simple.


Seminars are organised by the Centre for Language Evolution

Lauren Fletcher

Centre for Language Evolution

Nov 30 2021 -

Language evolution seminar

2021-11-30: Evolving Perceptual Categories

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