Linguistics and English Language

Cognitive linguistics seminar

Speaker: Marie-Anne Markey (KU Leuven)

Title: The nature of analogy: what does the data tell us?

Abstract: Analogy is often seen as a driving factor behind language change, however, definitions for analogy come in all shapes and colours. While some claim that analogy is the major, if not the only, force behind categorization and thinking in general (Hofstadter & Sander 2013; Anttila 2003), and that all kinds of similarities should be considered when searching for analogical models (Fischer 2018), others restrict analogy to specific changes where semantic coherence is high (Barðdal 2008). My PhD project found evidence for the role of analogy in language change, but what does the data tell us about the nature of analogy? In a discussion of the results of two case studies, we will explore why the boost for innovation provided by analogical models is so short-lived (see also De Smet 2016). Furthermore, we will dive into the nature of the analogical models: what kind of similarities need to be shared to act as analogical model (see also Abbot‐Smith & Behrens 2006)?


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May 13 2022 -

Cognitive linguistics seminar

2022-05-13: The nature of analogy: what does the data tell us?

Room 4.01, Dugald Stewart Building, 3 Charles Street, Edinburgh, EH8 9AD