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Speaker: Mike Sharwood Smith

Title: The Internal Context of Bilingual Processing: a taster

Abstract: This presentation will introduce extensions to the Modular Cognition Framework (MCF) contained in the fourth book in the MOGUL project series: The Internal Context of Bilingual Processing (submitted). I begin by distinguishing deep and shallow explanation of bilingual phenomena, highlighting what is for many the ‘conceptual fog’ surrounding such crucial notions such as, for example, (working) memory and executive function. This will be followed by a brief and updated sketch of the framework, formerly known as the MOGUL framework giving an idea of how it should be seen as a response to the conceptual fog problem.

Roughly put, the guiding principle for the MCF has always been that you cannot understand how bilingual processing works if you study language processing in a void, i.e if you have no clear idea of how processing and representation work in the mind as a whole. For researchers, this means specifically how language-specific processing interacts with other types of cognitive processing, an issue that has already been signposted in the literature as having to do with the notion interfaces. The presentation will include by listing and briefly commenting on some relevant innovations to the MCF as elaborated in ‘Book 4’ (see also The Modular Cognition Framework).

The Modular Cognition Framework


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Oct 08 2018 -

Bilingualism reading group

2018-10-08: The Internal Context of Bilingual Processing: a taster

Room S38, Psychology Building, 7 George Square, Edinburgh, EH8 9JZ