Linguistics and English Language

International exchange programme

If you are currently in the second year and would like to spend your third year abroad at another university in America, Australia, New Zealand or Asia through the optional International Exchange scheme, the time to apply is in November

Linguistics and English Language encourages its students to consider applying to both the International Exchange Programme (for places mostly at universities in English-speaking countries) and the Erasmus Exchange Scheme (for places at universities in Europe).

The time to apply for the International Exchange Programme is normally late in November of your second year.

  • This scheme is run by Edinburgh Global.
  • It is vital that you ensure that you can study suitable courses while abroad because not all universities teach Linguistics or English Language; consult the notes below to find some guidance on which International Exchange universities may be suitable for LEL students.
  • You should consult with the LEL International Coordinator after you have considered where you would like to apply to.

Guidance notes

International Exchange recommendations for students of Linguistics and/or English Language


The LEL International Coordinator is:

Patrick Honeybone

Further information and application

Further information about the International Exchange is available on Edinburgh Global's website. You should apply through Edinburgh Global's application website, using the 'General Application' route. All LEL students should select PPLS as your school, and then 'Linguistics/English Language' in the 'Study field' on the application website, irrespective of whether you are studying Linguistics or English Language.

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