Linguistics and English Language

Erasmus exchange scheme

If you are currently in the second year and would like to spend your third year abroad at another university in Europe through the optional Erasmus scheme, the time to apply is in November

How to apply

For LEL, the Erasmus application is a two stage process. You must apply through Edinburgh Global's application website, using the 'Subject Specific' route, but you MUST ALSO send an email to the LEL International Co-ordinator with the following details:

  • your name
  • your student number
  • the degree that you will be studying for at Honours (and explain if this is different from the degree that you're currently registered for)
  • which universities you would like to be considered for, in order of preference - you can include as many as you like (this is the list that will be considered, and NOT what you write in the application through the website, but the other material that you include in your application through the website will be considered)
  • whether you would like to apply to for go a full year, or for one semester (and if for one semester, which semester)

All LEL students should select PPLS as your school, and then 'Linguistics/English Language' in the 'Study field' on the application website, irrespective of whether you are studying Linguistics or English Language.

Select the university that you would most like to go to on the electronic form - you will be able to select two other universities as your second and third choice as well; you are advised to do this as students cannot always be allocated to their first choice institution, but remember that you should also email in your list of institutional choices directly to the LEL International Co-ordinator, and this can go beyond three choices. LEL allows you to apply for one-semester or a full-year for many destinations - check the list of universities below for details. If you have probelms with the electronic application, check with Patrick Honeybone.

The set of universities that you can apply to through Erasmus is limited by the degree that you will be taking at Honours; the lists of universities are given below.


The LEL International Co-ordinator is:

Linda van Bergen

Participating universities

We have links with the following universities. Depending on your degree programme, you can apply to study at any of them. Remember: you do not need to speak a foreign language well to study English Language or Linguistics at most of these universities. You should be able to get together a programme of study for Linguistics or English Language which is taught in English at the large majority of the institutions that we have an Erasmus link with. Study in English is normally possible at all of these institutions except Siena, Toulouse and Aix-en-Provence.

NB: LEL students may, in principle, study abroad through the Erasmus scheme for either one semester or a full year. This is only possible at certain universities, however: see below. Joint Honours students may only study abroad for a single semester if both subjects agree.

If you are intending to study English Language at Honours (either by itself, or combined with English Literature, or with Linguistics), you can apply to go to:

If you are intending to study Linguistics at Honours (either by itself, or combined with English Language), you can apply to go to: